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Accredited qualifications

All accredited qualifications are awarded through the governing body First Aid Awards (FAA). Awards are given at level 2-3 on the RQF (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) and levels 5/6 SCQF (Scotland). FAA is externally regulated through OFQUAL.

• First Aid Risk Assessment – FAA Level 2/5 Award (1 day).
A great introduction for managers and secretarial staff alike, this course will open your imagination and assist you with your planning for the unseen.

• Emergency First Aid at Work – FAA Level 3/6 Award (1 day).
Taking you and your employees that one step further, identifying those who are ill and require immediate treatment

• First Aid at Work – FAA Level 3/6 (3 days).
A deeper dive into the human body, dealing with and treating the individuals caught up in accidents. This course gives you a more robust approach in helping your loved ones and staff alike.

• Paediatric Emergency First Aid – FAA Level 3/6 (1 day).
A great introduction and approach to aiding poorly children. Aimed at professional nursing homes, child minders or unsure carers and parents.

• Paediatric First Aid – FAA Level 3/6 (2 days).
A broader horizon into the care our children and the intricacies associated with their care. This exploration or journey allows carers and family alike to come to the aid of the vulnerable.

• BLS & Safe Use of an AED – FAA Level 2/5 Award (4 hours).
We all dread the moment that we could be called upon to help. The setting is immaterial; it is the person that counts. I will equip you with the knowledge and skills that may very well save someone’s life.

• Immediate Management of Anaphylaxis – FAA Level 3/6 Award (1 day).
Being presented with this life threatening illness is a scary thought, however frequent reality makes this present more often than not. Come and learn with me in how to approach and deal with this frightening scenario.

• Oxygen Therapy Administration – FAA Level 3/6 Award (1 day).
A great course to come and learn about oxygen therapy. From care at home to the streets this will give you an understanding of a natural gas that we all use on a daily basis.

• Forestry First Aid (+ F) – FAA Level 3 Award (2-hr Bolt-On).
Are you employed in an isolated position or subjected to more dangerous work? This bolt on course will submerge you further to caring for the wounded where prolonged care will be required in order to make the injured party/ies journey as comfortable as possible.

• Activity First Aid – FAA Level 3/6 Award (2 days).
Are you involved in running/walking clubs or extra activities? Allow me to help take the pressure off by equipping you with the knowledge and skills you will need to help the suffering or those in need at no extra weight in your bag.

Non-Accredited qualifications

• Catastrophic Bleeding Control 1-day workshop.
Do you travel and work in high risk environments? If so, consider the aggressive nature of trauma and take it head on. By prior planning and preparation, you can help the critically ill through these nasty situations faced in austere conditions. All it takes is a cool head and a calming voice.

• Airway Management Training 1 day workshop.
An ideal course aimed at enhancing the first aider introducing equipment and skills to allow effective management of casualties who have threats to their integral management.

• Appointed Person (2 hours).
A brief introduction to the world of first aid, a great taster of what role you can play when someone needs your help in an acute setting.

• Basic Life Support (3 hours).
A great introduction to the human Heart and what can go wrong, followed by what and when you can do something about it. No such greater gift can be given than prolonging someone’s life.

• Hostile Environment Trauma Instruction.
This unique bespoke workshop is designed around your needs. It encapsulates a wide understanding of multiple trauma situations and the associated intricacies that evolve as a by-product of working in extreme conditions.

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