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Professional. Passion. Positive.

I am a consummate professional with passion and drive built around impacting people’s lives in a positive manner by giving effective treatment to the casualties as well as providing positive learning outcomes for those who wish to know more.

This is my holding page while we prepare the new website, to provide a very brief outline of what I do and to introduce myself. Please feel free to give me a call if you would like to find out more.

Danny McCann

What we do

First Aid Delivery

Immediate on the scene specialist who can identify the critically ill and provide safe care for those in need.

First Aid Training

A unique opportunity to undertake multiple levels of training delivered by a robust and seasoned professional, who is capable of transforming 2D literacy into 3D reality.

Educational talks

Seeing is believing learn to crawl before you can walk through time, illustrative whilst theoretical knowledge of first aid incidents interacting with the human body.  Seeing through the smoke and into the mirrors and stepping into the intricacies of multiple trauma.

Engaging early with the youth of today allowing autonomy and empowerment of our young children, giving them the skills that can save lives.


Danny McCann
07799 142 534