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Ballymena First Aid has over 20 years experience of delivering medical care, we can offer a variety of courses in First Aid training which include Basic Life Support and use of a Defibrillator. These life skills can be used not only at work but  also in the community or even your own home.

Recently Glenn Hoddle sustained a Heart Attack.  The football star was took seriously ill at the BT sports studios on his 61st birthday.  A sound engineer Mr Simon Daniels came to the rescue quickly and applied the use of BLS and defibrillation skills which have helped to save Glenn’s life.  Mr Daniels attained these skills whilst being trained as a volunteer special constable.

Just did what was necessary to give him a fighting chance, it was my training as a special constable that paid off. Mr Simon Daniels.

One witness was playing football in the studio with Glenn Hoddle prior to the heart attack.

He was fine one second and then the next second he was on the floor, I don’t know what caused it but it was obviously very serious right away.  One guy from BT sport was fantastic – he was first aid-trained and he was excellent.  Harry Redknapp.

Combined Basic Life Support and use of a Defibrillator

Basic Life Support and use of a Defibrillator at Friends school Lisburn

Basic life support training along with the use of a defibrillator are easy skills to learn and preform they also make up part of the chain off survival, if it is taught correctly by a professional these live saving techniques can not only be used at a moments notice anywhere or anytime, but they are proven to save lives.  The skills can be used in adult or paediatric first aid alike.

Another witness that was on the scene of the incident tweeted

It was the worst experience of my life Robbie Savage.

Training is available, whether you require it at industrial/commercial level or for in the home.  Remember you could be the first person on the scene and maybe required to give aid.  Don’t leave it to chance, get in touch now with Ballymena First Aid.