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First Aid Training – Ballymena, being brought to the home and workplace. 

Ballymena First Aid

Ballymena First Aid

First aid training – Ballymena, these essential skills should be at the forethought of everyone’s home or place of work. So is there a need?  Well we believe at Ballymena First Aid that there is.  Today first aid is more relevant than ever, accidents don’t just happen in the work place or at home.  Education and practical training empower people to use these skills that can save lives..

Susanna Reid Recently conducted an interview on GMB post a recent event in London.

There is first aid training available.  I’d hate for anybody to be in a position to say why didn’t I know a little bit more first aid.  because no one else was there, but I was and that is something else that must come of this.  Rt Hon Tobias Ellwood.

The Need for training

PC Palmer was sadly killed during the Westminster Bridge attack on 22 March 2017.  This is not a typical incident that you will come across today in Northern Ireland.  However people are still at risk of being injured.  We have much correctly placed trust in our Emergency services who attend trauma incidents on a daily basis.  Just this morning a lot of members of the public were caught up in a car accident.  This occurred on the A26 south bound carriage way close to rush hour.  Multiple members of the Emergency services  arrived to treat and aid the injured.

Reason why to train

First on scene were the work commuters who faced this incident quite early on their morning journey.  So the next question is, what if that was you?  A dramatic scene, yet you have no first aid training and are powerless in this situation.  But what if you did have training and what if you could have helped?  Sometimes it is too late pondering on what could have been done as supposed to what was done.

Who can train you?

Ballymena First Aid can.  I have had over 20 years experience in delivering first aid all over the world.  Due to these developed skills I created Ballymena First Aid to help me communicate with and empower people by training them.  One thing to be aware of is that the human body is all the same on the inside.  It is a complex vessel controlled by multiple systems that simultaneously sends messages both internally and externally.  If you want to know more check out our article today on Ballymena today.