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Professional. Passion. Positive.

I am a consummate seasoned professional with over two decades of exposure to unique first aid situations, versatile in both domestic and non-domestic settings stretching across the world.

I have a passion and drive to provide caring first aid delivery and also instruct others in first aid training to help empower them to care for the injured.

Ballymena First aid provides the opportunity for me to use and pass on the knowledge and skills I have acquired over the years, impacting lives in an effective positive manner.

Danny McCann

Ballymena First Aid

What does BFA offer?

First Aid Delivery – Care and compassion given to those in need.

First Aid Training – Single or multiple courses designed and blended to meet your needs.

Educational Talks – A wide range of theoretical topics from the human body to dealing with an incident.

Who is BFA for?

Industry – regulated qualifications to help your business remain compliant with health and safety.

Organisation – Church groups, youth organisations and small businesses.

Individuals – Travellers, adventurers or those who just want to know more.

Engaging early with the youth of today allowing autonomy and empowerment of our young children, giving them the skills that can save lives.

All pre-hospital care is based on early decision making, well let us make another one together. By empowering children to be confident in helping others is a life skill that no degree can offer. I can add reality, efficiency and communication skills to our children’s ever-growing minds and shape them for the future to come.

First Aid Delivery

Planning a private or public event, a unique highly skilled operative capable of working indoors or outdoors in multiple different terrains.

I can provide first aid cover prior to the arrival of the Emergency Rescue Services.

If you need an Immediate on the scene specialist who can identify the critically ill and provide safe care for those in need please feel free to give me a call.

First Aid Training

Here at Ballymena First Aid we are proud to offer accredited and non-accredited qualifications to suit all needs. The training courses provide unique opportunities to undertake multiple levels of training delivered by a robust and seasoned professional, who is capable of transforming 2D literacy into 3D reality.

Educational Talks

Understanding the biology of our bodies and managing the accident scene plays a massive part in helping us in our decision making while delivering first aid. These series of talks will explain how best to understand the scene, treat casualties with multiple trauma and cope with the time constraints.
Scene safety
Understanding the first and most important person in this mixed up environment is you the first aider. How to conduct yourself in what can be a field of frustration along with carnage and chaos will deliver you to a scene of safety.
The Human Body
A journey through skin and understanding of the body systems that lay within. In this educational photograph we look at the body and enrich it with human biology.
Prioritisation and treatment of multiple casualties
Spying through the looking glass will aid you in decisive action giving you some element of control as to who, when, were and what gets treated first. Is it the walking and screaming or the calm and quiet?
Danny McCann
07799 142 534

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